21 / 07 / 20

Ladies and gentlemen,

Below we present a few rules and principles that we have introduced for the sake of your common safety and service during this edition of the Polish Music Festival.

1. Concert halls are opened to the public at min. 30 minutes before the planned concert.

2. Please keep a social distance in the concert halls at least 30 minutes before the planned concert. 1.5 m in the queue to the entrance or cash desk min. 2 m.

3. our staff work in gloves and visors or masks.

4. at the entrances there are containers with a hand disinfectant for mandatory hand disinfection.

5. Mouth and nose must be covered in the concert area. Masks can be purchased at the box office.

6. The organizer allows the possibility of measuring the temperature of people entering.

7. The staff has the right to refuse to enter the concert to a person showing symptoms of disease, creating the possibility of infecting other participants of the event.

8. Concert halls do not operate cloakrooms or toilets.

9. We provide half the audience - every second place in each row with the possibility of taking seats next to each other by people with disabilities accompanied by an assistant.

10. The seats in the audience are unnumbered, the staff will indicate the places possible to take.

11. we encourage you to purchase tickets before the event in advance.

12. it is forbidden to enter the concerts of people in quarantine, under epidemiological supervision or showing signs of infection (fever, coughing, dyspnea).

13. The participant declares that, to the best of his/her knowledge, he/she is not an infected person and is not in quarantine or under epidemiological surveillance. The declaration is made in writing at the entrance to the event or when purchasing a ticket.

14. The purchase of a ticket and participation in the event is tantamount to the acceptance of the above regulations.

29 / 07 / 20
Musical walk

W związku z 16. edycją Festiwalu Muzyki Polskiej zapraszamy do udziału w muzycznym spacerze po Krakowie. Zapraszają Mateusz Borkowski –„Orfeum Borkowskiego" i Mateusz Ciupka – „Szafa Melomana".
21 / 07 / 20

Regulations for concerts during the 16th Polish Music Festival on 6-9.08.2020
12 / 06 / 20
"Don Desiderio" by Poniatowski on VOD platform

Available during coming seven days only! Opera has been performed from scores of SMP catalogue.
06 / 06 / 20

Current programme of 16th Festival of Polish Music


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